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About us

We are a group of engineers from different disciplines with experience over wide range of industries and applications. In our previous jobs, in order to provide our customers with the most cost effective solutions, we were confronted with the daunting task to find suitable machine shops in China that could provide the required level of quality and that could be trusted to deliver in time. Through this process, we visited many potential manufacturing companies in China, developped an understanding of their expectations, and selected the quality machine shops we could rely on time after time. Access Engineering makes this experience and arduous selection process available to our US customers.

As a result, we have a network of vetted and trusted custom manufacturing suppliers located in China that enables US companies to reduce the level of risk associated with outsourcing, while retaining the capability to make a product with the required quality at a very low price and delivered in a timely manner. Our customers deal only with us, an US-based company, while we deal with our Chinese network. Our 30-days payment terms makes this a worry free transaction.


  • Low Risk – You have the assurance that your job will be processed by a trustworthy Chinese supplier to the quality and schedule you need.
  • Convenient – You only deal with an American company, simplifying the payment terms and making the communication easier.
  • Competitive – You retain the benefits of low labor costs to obtain parts at competitive prices.